Vezma: Smartphone Vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking

How it works

Start using the app in 3 simple steps

VEZMA GPS tracking mobile phone

Use GPS app to
log your trips

VEZMA GPS tracking car

Your vehicle miles, routes and purpose
is accurately recorded

VEZMA GPS tracking macbook notebook

Everything is organized
and stored online

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GPS vehicle tracker & real-time visibility

VEZMA GPS tracking product

Catch every mile

We provide a simple, intuitive GPS tracking service that automatically records all your vehicle trips and then uploads them online for backup, management, sharing and report generation.

VEZMA GPS tracking product

Works anywhere

This smartphone based GPS tracking software works wherever you go. All the history data are with you - updated, secure and always available.

VEZMA GPS tracking product

Monitor your vehicle fleet on the road

By inviting others to your admin account you get real-time location and status updates from others. Add and delete drivers as you need.

Real-Time GPS Tracking App

Record, organize and store all your vehicle trips & expenses

VEZMA GPS tracking mobile application
VEZMA GPS tracking tap

One tap is all it takes...

Simply launch the app, select vehicle and move. Journey date, duration, start and end locations, route taken, distance and odometer data are automatically added to the log.

VEZMA GPS tracking organize


Use tags to classify your trips such as private, business or anything else. See or delete any past trips taken in the logbook.

VEZMA GPS tracking share


Share your trips via SMS, Email or social media to keep everyone updated on your location in real-time.

VEZMA GPS tracking mobile phone security

Stored and secure

You store your records online - then access them anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Web features

Hello cloud, good bye desk

VEZMA GPS tracking map

All vehicle trips on map

View all trips and visited places by you or those linked to your account. Zoom in and out for more details. Get real-time information on actual location and speed.

VEZMA GPS tracking access

Access, manage, share

Edit, add, delete & share your trips online. Use the filter options for easy journey queries. See detailed statistics.

VEZMA GPS tracking print

Print & export reports

You can generate a variety of reports to help you with everything from payroll and tax returns to increasing your productivity. Export your data in CSV, KML or GPX format.

VEZMA GPS tracking web application

The best smartphone system for tracking fleets

Keep in touch with your mobile team

VEZMA GPS tracking admin

Admin creates account
and invites users to install the app

VEZMA GPS tracking mobile phone

Centrally manages tags, vehicles
and places for all users

VEZMA GPS tracking macbook admin

Accesses trip data of all users,
see their locations, hours worked and run reports

VEZMA GPS tracking mobile phone

User confirms invitation
and installs the mobile app

VEZMA GPS tracking car

App logs all trip data and uploads
them to server via data plan or Wi-Fi

VEZMA GPS tracking macbook

Everything is stored online for editing
and report printing

Use cases

What are some creative uses of VEZMA?

VEZMA GPS tracking use case 1

Keep your customers informed before they ask

Share your Trip with others via the mobile app (SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter) or Web app and keep everyone updated on yout actual location and status. No more “I'm running late” phone calls, or “where's my Pizza” questions. Anyone with an Internet enabled phone or computer can see you on the live map.

VEZMA GPS tracking use case 2

Better mileage claims while saving  time and money

Self employed or have to report mileage to a boss? Don't waste valuable time or miss miles you forgot to note. You can generate a variety of reports including distance travelled, journey duration times and more to help you with everything from payroll and tax returns to efficiency studies.

VEZMA GPS tracking use case 3

Control location visits via “Place check-ins”

Places are used to identify frequently visited locations such as job sites company headquarters, customer locations etc. Once a Place is entered, an automatic check-in log is created upon arrival and the Place will appear instantly in the Trip Book with all necessary trip information.