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Dayna Clifford from USA

„Great business tool. I am a company owner and have 5 drivers that need to log their mileage and time for me to pay them. I found this app and had them all download and utilize it during work hours. Weekly they export the reports and email to me. It has saved me tons of time and money tracking the guys in the field. Very accurate and easy to use. Highly recommend for any business owner.”

Vickie Baker from USA

„This app does everything it says it does and more! I continue to be amazed at the detail that it tracks and how intuitive it is in calculating many parts of log in the trip and the expenses involved. I highly recommend this app anyone who travels for business and needs to keep track of traveling expenses.”

Florian Jandl from Germany

„Excellent app with Bluetooth auto-start, attractive design free and fair prices for people who want to have more detailed information about their trips with a great web-Sync offer. Perfect!”

David Corley from UK

„Super Great Product! We use this app everyday and it's fantastic. Great web dashboard with multiple reporting tools. Until VEZMA we used a few other apps that did not perform well at all. Support is great as well. Had some minor questions which were answered in a matter of hours.”

Rusty Thomason from USA

„I love this app! It keeps track of mine & my wifes miles for 3 business, 2 rentals units, medical, church volunteering & our personal miles. Had few problems to start with but support group is very responsive and timely about problems.”

There are many benefits of using Vezma GPS tracker

Better mileage claims while saving time and money

Self employed or have to report mileage to a boss? Don't waste valuable time or miss miles you forgot to note. You can generate a variety of reports including distance travelled, journey duration times and more to help you with everything from payroll and tax returns to efficiency studies.

Control location visits via “Place check-ins

Places are used to identify frequently visited locations such as job sites company 
headquarters, customer locations etc. Once a Place is entered, an automatic check-in log is created upon arrival and the Place will appear instantly in the Trip Book with 
all necessary trip information.

Keep your customers informed before they as

Share your Trip with others via the mobile app (SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter) or Web app and keep everyone updated on yout actual location and status. No more “I'm running late” phone calls, or “where's my Pizza” questions. Anyone with an Internet enabled phone or computer can see you on the live map.