ETA – estimated time of arrival

In response to multiple customer demands, we are happy to announce testing availability of a new GPS vehicle fleet tracking feature ETA – estimated time of arrival. 

The ETA time  calculation is performed using up-to-date traffic information once you are enroute. There two ways how to enable ETA.

a) On the fly  #destination defined by driver. Driver on his mobile Vezma app types #destination into the Trip name field. For example #San Francisco, #Dortmund etc. The # sign indicates to Vezma that ETA is to be calculated so it’s necessary that you use it in front of the #destination place.


b) Frequently visited #destinations defined by Admin. Driver’s selectd from the list of frequently visited destination list that is defined by admin.

To save time and typing driver can also use pre-defined #destination tag list that the admin sets in his online Vezma account in Tag tab menu. This is helpful if the same destinations are repeatedly visited.


Admin defined #destination tags will automatically sync accross all connected user accounts on mobile phones. 


The arrival time information is displayed in 30-60 second in Admin’s trip book as well as on the map and is adjusted in real-time in 60 seconds intervals.


ETA information is presented in real-time on the map as well. You can share map and ETA information with customers if you like.


c) Admin defined on the fly #destination. If driver forgot to add an #destination tag when setting up a new vehicle trip, admin can in his online account manually add #destination to trip name or add a #destination tag to enable ETA calculation.


The new ETA feature is available for testing to all existing users. Please share your experience with us so we can fine tune the service and send your feedback to


Vezma Team

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