Read-only role – Manager

Today, we are introducing a feature often requested by the Vezma users – a read-only role for your Vezma work team members, which is called Manager and complements the existing Administrator and User roles.

Similarly to Administrators, Managers are able to see all of the data recorded by any team member, however they are not be able to add, edit or remove team vehicles, tags, frequently visited places or team members. They will also be able to record themselves and edit their own records, just like any team member.

Therefore, now you can allow your managers to supervise the data recorded by your employers by giving them access only to the records, without having to worry about granting them any unnecessary permissions to alter the settings of your Vezma work team!

You can assign Manager role to any of your team members via our web app at:

Let us know what do you think about the new Manager role at:

You can visit us at

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