How to Use the Vezma Vehicle GPS Tracking App?

Individuals can start using Vezma app by simply downloading the GPS tracker app on the mobile device and opening a free account.


if you are a team leader, you will have to set up an admin account online at and invite all other teammembers to install the application.

As an admin, you will have access to the trip data of all users, including their location and run reports.

How to automatically record mileage?

The vehicle mileage tracker app works in both online and offline modes. It is automatically activated via Bluetooth or when plugged to charger; so you do not have to worry about turning it on or off.


How is the data synced?

The smartphone GPS tracking app will transmit the collected data to the server via cellular network or when connected to wi-fi. If the network is not available at any given point in time, the data will be recorded and stored in the internal memory of the device to be transmitted to the server when the connection to the network is restored.

What are the benefits of using Vezma?

This vehicle GPS tracking app is a useful tool that helps you record and analyze how efficiently the transportation fleet of the company is utilized. Apart from serving this purpose, by using our app, you will also be able to keep an eye on:

– The real-time location of the vehicle: The location is updated every 60 seconds so that you have the most precise tracking information at your disposal.

– Journey history: Control the journey and monitor the places visited by all your vehicles.

– Mileage reimbursement: Vezma has a convenient mileage tracker function as well. Through this, you can track and report the distance traveled for IRS mileage tax deduction or reimbursement

– Status of the trip: If you or your company’s vehicle is late or just arrived at the destination, its location would be visible on the map which is timely updated.

– Trip sharing. You can share the trip status with anyone via the SMS, email message.

Vehicle fleet location tracking


If you happen to run a company with vehicles on the road, this GPS Mileage Tracker App also helps you to:

1. Drastically reduce operational expenses
2. Improve productivity of field workers
3. Optimize the usage of vehicles
4. Manage and save time by reducing manual logging
5. Provide better customer service
7. Locate a vehicle in real-time

Vezma presents an easy-to- use mobile application, along with a web version which. It enables to easily log vehicle mileage and track locations for better field operations.

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